In the heart of Bushwick, this renovated industrial warehouse with soaring ceilings and open floor plan is both the perfect raw event space and an active R&D facility of world-renowned interactive artists.

These specialists in cutting-edge production, fabrication, and audiovisual experience offer a range of organized group activities and interactive entertainment and will partner with you to create a truly unforgettable event.

Corporate and Team-building Activities

Future Space Lab Experience

A guided interactive tour of the studios’ R&D, with behind-the-scenes demos of projects and processes in the fabrication shop, photo studio, spatial sound studio and VR development lab.

Welding & Fabrication Workshops

Learn the art of welding, soldering, woodworking, and even robot manufacturing, with demonstrations and hands-on options available.

3-D Spatialized Audio

Experience spatialized audio with original compositions designed for immersive listening.

Interactive Entertainment


A plant-based installation that encourages visitors to create music by interacting with plants. Larger plants provide lower bass sounds while smaller plants react in a more playful, percussive manner.

Array Plus

A multi-camera system that captures single moments in time and creates three-dimensional animations for instant sharing.

Dream Screens

Large-scale interactive fabric touch screens that react to being pushed. Hundreds of pieces of content become visually and sonically explorable through this interaction.

Selfies with Karl the Robot

The robots may be taking over but at least they know how to party. Let Karl the industrial robot arm handle your selfies as event photographer 2.0.

Tesla Coil Drumset

Control lightning at a small scale with the touch of a hand using a keyboard or electronic drum set.

Interactive Projection Mapping

Interact with visuals projected in the space around you, transforming your environment into a living work of art.


Main Space


5,000 Sq Ft



Photo Studio


2,400 Sq Ft



Work Shop


1,800 Sq Ft



Upper Level


2,000 Sq Ft




Please email us at with a short description of your event, estimated guest count, timing and budget. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with availability and suggested packages.